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Entre Amigos goes Backpacking

Last month, Entre Amigos sent 7 youth and 2 staff to South Lake Tahoe to participate in a 4-day backpacking trip. For six youth, this was their first time going on an excursion like this and for the other, it was his second time participating in our yearly backpacking trip. Our youth learned about the Tahoe ecosystem, the history of the land and the Washo Tribe. They also gained valuable backcountry knowledge through learning how to filter water, cook outdoors, and set up and tear down their camp sites. Enduring this grueling experience together bonded the youth in a way that is only possible when facing life's challenges with others.

Youth expressed deep gratitude for McKayla and Hninn Ei, our TRTA instructors, who were patient, kind and encouraged growth in each of them to complete this trek.

We are so thankful to Julia Kaseta, Youth Programs Manager at the Tahoe Rim Trail Association for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful experience for the 2nd year in a row. Our communities are typically not aware or do not have access to experience these types of trips, so we truly appreciate the efforts made by the TRTA to diversify the outdoors.


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