We need your help more now than ever

With the daily uncertainties of COVID-19, we wanted to let our supporters know that while we are taking safety precautions and have transitioned support-group activities to technology-based groups for now, our mobile Promotores are still in full force, conducting home visits and supporting clients in person when it is necessary and safe to do so. 


Our Latino communities have been greatly impacted by the business and school closures, but many have the added challenges of limited transportation, lack of or complete misinformation of resources in Spanish, fear of asking for government aid or an ineligibility for economic relief due to immigration status.


Staff are busy ensuring that families have resources to address their fears and anxiety in this crisis. We have partnered with local food banks to make deliveries to families in need, we have created activity packets for children and are creating video content to keep our families healthy, calm and informed.

Your donations mean we can continue to support our families during this current health crisis. We thank you for your continued support and helping us make a difference in the lives of an under-served community.