Amada began her journey with the Latino Leadership Council after being referred to our "Superación Personal" group. She had recently received hospital bills in excess of $4K. 


Promotora Nidia discovered Amada had emergency Medi-Cal. The hospital informed Amanda that Medi-Cal would not cover the case.

Nidia arranged for Amada to meet with a Placer County Medi-Cal worker to see if something could be done. She also helped Amada complete the hospital’s charity forms. 


Next, Amada was asked to meet with her county worker again while Nidia explained the situation to her doctor's office. Shortly after, Amada found out that 100% medical coverage was approved by Medi-Cal. 

“I’m so relieved and happy that I do not have this huge hospital bill looming over me and I’m so thankful to the Latino Leadership Council not only for this, but for all they do for our communities.” – Amada 

Amada gets help with Medi-Cal coverage

Ramón was battling Stage 4 cancer and had been on disability. With no other family in the area, he struggled to find a place to live. He and his mother became homeless.

“Having cancer and being homeless, it doesn’t feel like you’re gonna’ make it, but they helped me get a place until I was able to find a place of my own. They went the extra mile, even when they got off of work.”

During the COVID-19 crisis, Promotores took care packages of food and grocery gift cards to Ramón and his mother, who is serving as his caretaker while he undergoes chemotherapy.

“I didn't think that was possible, but you never really know when you need the help. They called me and asked, 'Do you need anything?’ They’re more attentive to me than I expected. They’re just there.… it gives you some kind of hope.”

Ramón gets help battling cancer

Claudia and her husband Rafael have a wonderful daughter, Dayanara. However, issues at home were affecting their family relationships.


After getting involved in the Latino Leadership Council’s Parent Project class, things are progressing in the right direction 


“I have come to better understand how I should be raising my daughter,” said Claudia. “In hearing other parents discuss the different manners in which they chose to discipline their children that ultimately backfired, I hope to learn from their mistakes. I have made changes to better understand my daughter and have let her know that I don't want to be the best mother in the world, but the one she needs.” 


I used to take my daughter for granted,” said Rafael. “I would come home late and not pay attention to what she needed from me. I would promise her things only to break that promise. I found it easy to skip her events and not make time to talk to her. However, after participating in Parent Project, I have learned that my lack of involvement in my daughter’s life will only make things worse.” 


“I now try to make time to talk to my daughter after I get home from work, keep my promises and pay more attention to her. I am looking forward to learning more about positively changing my relationship with my daughter.” 


Dayanara is also appreciative of LLC’s youth courses. “Parent Project has helped me to understand both my parents and myself better,” she said.

The Moreno family’s story of healing

In April 2019, Jovita was diagnosed with diabetes. Promotora Celina Salas referred her to Vivir Saludable con Diabetes, a Diabetes Program in Auburn sponsored by the LLC and other partners that provide four diabetes classes and a support group. 


At her first class, Jovita told the group, “Two months ago, I was notified that my A1C was 11% and I want to learn what I need to do to bring it down, but I will have to memorize everything because I don’t know how to read or write.” She continued attending classes and by July 2019, she told the group her blood tests results lowered to 7% A1C. 


Irene, the promotora in charge of the program, asked her, “What have you changed that you think helped bring down your blood sugar levels?” 


Jovita replied, “I stopped drinking soda, eating white bread, coffee, rice, chips, and more. I check my blood sugars every other day and make sure I don’t skip meals and that my meals are well balanced. Also, now I know what vegetables will not bring my blood sugar levels up.”


She added, “I go for a 1 to 1.5-hour walk almost every day. Sometimes I cannot go for that long because I take care of my 4 children, but I am able to manage at least a 15-minute walk on busy days.” Jovita has inspired her classmates to believe they too can prevent or manage their diabetes by modifying their diet and lifestyle. 

Helping Jovita manage diabetes

Hermelinda was house-bound for approximately three years due to a multitude of health issues from chemical sensitivity. She was unable to work and couldn’t afford medical care.


With the help of the LLC, Hermelinda was able to get full-coverage through Medi-Cal. Her doctor put her on medication that enabled her to finally get of the house. 


Her spirits are high again. Hermelinda feels as though she has a new lease on life. She has even found the confidence to publish a book titled, El Patito Feo. She is extremely grateful for all the support she received from the LLC.

Hermelinda gets the medical care she needs

“If not for the help of Saúl and the LLC, I would have died. I am so thankful for your support that helped me with my new life.”

Edgar contacted his Promotor Saúl to thank him for his ongoing support, but things had become so bad for him, he said he wanted to end his life. Though Saúl was on vacation when he called, other promotores responded and met with Edgar. At that meeting, Edgar opened up about why he was contemplating suicide, and after several hours, promotores provided resources for food and supplies, and continued checking in with him. Upon his return, Saúl helped Edgar get into an ICP shelter in Sacramento, where his healing began, and later helped Edgar secure housing and household donations to help Edgar furnish his new home.

Helping Edgar gain a new lease on life

After being abandoned by her husband, Alma and her youngest child became homeless. Because she had never worked, she was unable to pay rent and depression set in.

Alma’s case was assigned to Promotora Nidia, who encouraged Alma to make changes to her daily routine that put the spark back into Alma. She made arrangements with friends and family to take in her son and a friend gave Alma a place to live in exchange for cleaning house and caring for her elderly mom.  

Alma soon began taking on more housekeeping jobs, and she has also turned her dancing hobby into another source of income by teaching dance for Quinceñeras. 

Today, Alma is reunited with her youngest son and has him participating in dance, which not only has improved their relationship, but it also keeps him out of trouble.

Helping Alma bounce back from homelessness

"I know I can count on the LLC if ever I find myself in need of assistance in the future. I am so incredibly happy and thankful for all the services I received, and I want to thank my promotora and the LLC for helping me through this difficult time in my life. I am forever grateful that I was referred to the LLC by a friend."

Maria Elena is 74 years old and suffers various health issues. Despite these health issues, she had never received regular medical services including dental or eye care. Her untreated health issues and her being recently fired from her job of 30 years as a farm worker, caused Maria to fall into a deep depression.

Maria’s promotora immediately prioritized assisting her in applying for medical and dental services through Sacramento Covered. She is now scheduled for her first medical appointment at the County Clinic and has also been referred to specialists including a dietician to begin managing and treating her health issues. The LLC also assisted Maria in scheduling her COVID-19 vaccine and as March 6th, she is fully vaccinated. Maria is also scheduled to receive dental and eye services, has been connected to California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation for legal assistance, and referred to Rincón de las Comadres for support and a sense of community so she may find a new purpose in this phase of her life.

Guiding Maria Elena to physical and mental health

One of our promotores was referred to Salvador, an elderly, homeless client. After an eye-exam by a volunteer doctor at homeless shelter, he was advised to see an ophthalmologist for glaucoma treatment.

After months of paperwork challenges between Placer and San Joaquin Counties, our staff managed to get Salvador’s Medi-Cal transferred and upgraded to full-scope through Gilberto, the enrollment specialist at Chapa-De Indian Health. 

LLC also secured Salvador placement at a shelter for his recovery. Salvador has repeatedly let our staff know how grateful he is for the help he received from Latino Leadership Council. Now, he sees clearly and is compliant with his glaucoma care.

Getting Salvador much-needed eye healthcare