to give Latinos

the resources they

need to thrive

You make these important programs possible 


Superación Personal

Superación Personal is a weekly support group in Lincoln and Roseville to provide a safe, open space to discuss challenges and receive support to overcome them.

Meeting topics vary and could address cultural and family dynamics, stress and anxiety, etc. and supports on how to work through the issues. 

Rincón de las Comadres

Rincón de las Comadres is a weekly crafting program that brings Latinas together to share and learn from each other's skills and knowledge and to help them excel in their personal and professional lives.

One of the purposes of the program is to preserve Latino crafts and encourage participants to share the cultural experience with the next generation.    

For more information, 
email Celina Salas, Promotora Manager

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Parent Project

The Parent Project is a 16-week course that teaches parents of children up to 18 about raising children in a bicultural environment. Lessons cover gangs, alcohol, and other challenges.

To support parent participation, we offer free childcare for children 0-6 years, and two separate youth groups for children 7-12 years, and teens 13-18, in order to help youth overcome their challenges and build leadership.

Mami y Yo

Created in partnership with First 5 Placer, the Mami y Yo program offers a safe space for parents of children age 0 -5 to connect with others and gain knowledge about childhood development. A public health nurse and other specialists join on occasion to answer health-related questions.  

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Entre Amigos 

Entre Amigos is a safe space for Latinx youth to engage in personal development opportunities through fun virtual and in-person activities. 

Health Access

Our health screenings in Spanish create access to health care for hundreds of uninsured adults. Participants receive screenings on site, complete an assessment to identify their health concerns, and as needed, are linked to primary health providers as well as dental, vision and nutrition services.


Health Education

A key part of our health access service is a Spanish-language program that focuses on nutrition education, physical fitness, blood sugar monitoring, and medications for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes.