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Additional Resources

The Latino Leadership Council offers the following additional resources:

Medical Interpreter Cards

The Latino Leadership Council has developed a small card that advises users, in Spanish, about their rights to a qualified medical interpreter. 


The backside of the card requests, in English, for the user to be provided with a medical interpreter. This makes it easy for the card holder to show the card to a medical provider to eliminate language barriers or the stigma associated with asking for help.

If your organization or community could benefit from these cards, we’ll be happy to provide any number of them.


We collaborated with Placer County to produce a fotonovela—in English and Spanish—that addresses some of the issues we experience with the families with whom we work. The fotonovela addresses problems at school, between spouses, and between parents and kids. It also educates the reader about how promotoras and promotores can help with these issues and about resources available in the community.

Contact us to request hard copies to distribute in the community.

Growing Latino Business

Latinos are the largest growing minority to own businesses, but a lack of access to funding and resources can hinder their success. Often, banks or other financial institutions have insufficient services to help Latinos. Only 12 percent receive loans from national banks.

In an effort to change this, the experts at Bankrate compiled the best ways for Latinos to overcome the funding gap to fund their business. 

Addressing Disparities in Finance for Hispanics and Latinos

One of the most significant social issues facing Latinos in America is the myriad obstacles preventing them from building a secure financial future. These financial disparities begin with high-interest lending services, insufficient credit history and higher than average student loan debt, among other factors. The effects of these disparities appear in the demographics of rental and homeownership rates in many areas. 

Pocket Card: How to Respond to an Active Shooter

Download this important resource from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

PFLAG Resources

The resources offered here help support the LGBTQ+ community.

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